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Colon Cancer

Kentucky CancerLink has a colon cancer screening in the form of a “take home kit.”  We provide the kit, the education and postage paid envelopes.  You can do the test in the privacy of your own home and then mail in the results.  It’s easy and an excellent pre-screening tool for colon cancer.  If the test is negative, you are good for another year!  If the test is positive it DOES NOT mean that you have cancer, but there may be an issue detected that could require a colonoscopy.  Kentucky CancerLink can help navigate you through that process.

Colon Cancer Screening Options



  • Ages 50 and over (White and Hispanic), 45 and over (African American)
  • No colonoscopy within the past 5 years
  • No social security number required
  • Insured and Uninsured accepted
  • If there is a strong family history, please call 859.309.1700 or toll free 877.597.4655 and we will help determine the need for earlier screening


Colorectal Cancer Screening with sDNA:  Cologuard 

For more information about this colon cancer screening test, please call our office and speak with a Certified Patient Navigator, 859.309.1700 or toll free 877-597-4655.



For information about our ability to assist with scheduling or cost of a colonoscopy, please fill out a Request for Assistance Form or call the office 859.309.1700 or toll free 877.597.4655.  Eligibility required.


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