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You guys have helped me so much during this trying time.  Cancer can be so ugly, but you guys are beautiful. - M.W.

Link2Hope Podcast

Until there is a cure for cancer Kentuckians need hope today. Link 2 Hope is a monthly podcast featuring experts discussing ways to remove barriers for Kentuckians in need of screening, diagnosis and treatment for cancer.

Episode 7: Breaking down Epidemiology

In this episode, we talk to Stephanie Boone, PhD, MPH from the Department of Epidemiology & Population Health, School of Public Health & Information Sciences with the James Graham Brown Cancer Center at the University of Louisville. She discusses her work in epidemiology and explains what that means. She also discusses her work in Survivorship and her LADDER study in hopes to improve experiences for future cancer survivors.

Episode 6: Cancer and Mental Health Support

In this episode, we talk to Joan Scales, LCSW about the support services available to cancer patients and survivors to deal with mental health stress that can accompany diagnosis.

Episode 5: Colon Cancer Screening and Prevention:

In this episode, we talk about colon cancer screening and prevention and innovations that are occurring.  We will hear Dr. Whitney Jones, Founder of the Colon Cancer Prevention Project and Chair of the Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening and Prevention Program Advisory Committee, discuss his passion for making sure that colon cancer is eliminated in the commonwealth of Kentucky.

Episode 4: Innovation in Cancer Screening
In this episode, we will talk about innovation in cancer screenings. We will be joined by Dr. Gieske, Director of Lung Cancer Screening at St. Elizabeth Healthcare and Pam Perin, a patient that participated in the lung screening program.

Episode 3: Impact of Policy

In this episode, we will talk about health policies and the impact they have on patients and families living with cancer. As we will hear today, when innovative treatments come to the market, we often will need to update policy to make sure patients can use that treatment. Also, some policies have unintended consequences for cancer patients and advocates work tirelessly to make sure their concerns are heard and fixed.

Episode 2: Innovation in Cancer Treatments

In this episode, we will explore how cancer treatment has evolved to help physicians and patients fight hard to treat cancers.  As we will hear in this episode, not all cancers are the same and we are seeing increased collaboration between the patient advocacy community, physicians and the innovation sector to create new treatment options for previously untreatable cancers.

Episode 1: Kentucky CancerLink

We are excited to kick off this series with an introduction to Kentucky CancerLink, a state-wide group focused on helping Kentuckians diagnosed with cancer.  We will hear from three people who are playing critical roles in creating and growing this organization.  We will start the conversation with Founder Vicki Belvins-Booth and will also hear from Board Chair Bryan Willett and Executive Director Melissa Karrer.

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